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QUIET || k-e-i-t
Notebook #1, Entry #36

I’m still confused but feeling better though. Coachella comes to an end, so Cornelia and I will return home tonight. Coachella is always fun, I guess, it was nice for a pretty long period of time and there wasn’t a time I didn’t enjoyed it… I hope the next days will be good, I would like that… Very much…

On the edge @ PreikestolenAtle Rønningen
Notebook #1, Entry #35

I’m confused.


My view right now. Yours?
Jellyfishes are still the most beautiful animals
Reset – Notebook #1, Entry #1

I went to NYC today. Just for a day.

I met with Eric, Terry and Jake, because I felt the necessity to meet them again which might turned out to feel a little awkward in their opinion… I didn’t spend much time with them, I didn’t stay in NYC for a long time at all, because I had to leave again to be in LA again as early as possible. Seeing all of them was nice even though I avoided speaking and was very silent in general. To be honest I rather listened than talked.


After the last meet up with Jake for thirty minutes I sat down in that small café I like so much and enjoyed that special cup of hot choclate with soy milk I appreciate the most on this planet.


And in the end I got to know a really nice boy, who enjoyed his cup of hot choc. He was there with his Mommy and she told me he is autistic, and can only say a few words. Adrian (who reminded me of Cass a little bit) was very aware of how he communicated with me. Someone once said that we communicate even if we’re not communicating. His Mom was very positive and told me about his creativity and how he’s spending his time with drawing and “enjoying childhood”. He communicates through his laughing, his crying, and his hugs I was able to feel. I unfortunately had to leave because of my flight but I like those encounters. You always learn about yourself and the world that surrounds you. Even if you’re 41.


Conversations with Shannon are the best. He’s still the bride. 👰